[PATCH] Fix encoding of padding bits to start with 0 bit

Holger Freyther holger at freyther.de
Tue Mar 8 17:54:33 UTC 2016

> On 08 Mar 2016, at 08:56, Saurabh Sharan <saurabh.sharan at radisys.com> wrote:

Dear Saurabh,

> This patch is for fixing encoding of padding bits according to the
> 3gpp spec 44.060 section 11, wherein it shall always start with 0
> bit followed with spare padding bits.
> During introduction of basic EGPRS feature new hex dump messages
> from a different working network log were used in Unit test. These
> exposed the issue of incorrect handling of padding bits encoding
> in osmo-pcu.
> Corrections in the existing test vector and new hex dump vectors
> shall be submitted in a separate patch. If only this patch is
> applied rlcmac testsuite will fail for few vectors.

thanks a lot. The commit message is a lot better. In general we would like to be able to use "git bisect" for this to work every single commit needs to work/compile. This means that your padding patch should include the updates for the RLCMacTest (but not the new vectors) and the update for the test expectations of the tbf test. The second patch for RLCMacTest should then carry the new test vectors.

Could you please send updated patches?

thanks a lot

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