PCU scheduling and PACCH timeout question

Max msuraev at sysmocom.de
Thu Feb 25 11:03:05 UTC 2016


I'm trying to debug issue with current OsmoPCU master when some 
basebands ignore polling requests.

The debug output from RLCMAC layer and corresponding .pcap files are 
attached to ticket http://projects.osmocom.org/issues/1524

The issue appears somewhere after line 112 in debug.log
The corresponding packet in pcu.pcapng is 6866

After receiving PACKET_CONTROL_ACK from phone we're trying to schedule 
polling at FN 1137123 (see packet 6869 in pcap) and than at FN 1137127 
(packet 6874) which subsequently fails.
This seems suspiciously close but I have not found in the spec yet if 
this is legitimate thing to do.

There are several other occurrences like that in both log and pcap.

Have you experienced something like this? Do you have an idea why only 
some basebands are affected while others work fine?

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