EDGE over osmo-pcu

Sipos Csaba sipos.csaba at kvk.uni-obuda.hu
Thu Feb 4 21:40:05 UTC 2016

Hi Jacob,

Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work.

I hope I can do some testing on the weekend with a B200. I will also update the wiki article if needed.

Just one question: for MCS5-9 in the downlink there is no need to update the Osmo-TRX code? Does it support 8PSK as it is now?


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Tárgy: EDGE over osmo-pcu

Hi everybody,

we have just done the first download of an Internet page using the
current bleeding EDGE development version of the OSMO-PCU. Supported are
MCS-1 to MCS-9 in downlink and MCS-1 to MCS-4 in uplink direction.

The download of 'www.osmocom.org' has been documented in a PCAP file and
can be downloaded from


To decode the data blocks, an experimental patch for the gsmtab
dissector is also available from there.



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