Query for verified EGPRS osmo-pcu version on Nuran1.0

Minh-Quang Nguyen minh-quang.nguyen at nutaq.com
Mon Apr 18 15:15:47 UTC 2016

Hi Aravind,


I am performing the first test of EGPRS with this commit by changing the following configurations:


-        Osmo-pcu: put 'egprs only ' parameter (without quotes) in osmo-pcu.cfg file

-        Osmo-nitb: change 'gprs mode gprs' to 'gprs mode egprs' in osmo-nitb.cfg file


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Subject: Query for verified EGPRS osmo-pcu version on Nuran1.0


Hi Harald,


Can you please let us know the commit version for osmo-pcu which has been verified for EGPRS functionality on Nuran 1.0 hardware.

We have been trying the latest commit 1aa75273025b033d17c1068369a7ba145d5c9f06 which does not work( no uplink data received yet).

Can you provide details of the hardware in which EGPRS functionality has been successfully verified.



Aravind Sirsikar

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