State of sysmocom/master and upcoming work

Holger Hans Peter Freyther hfreyther at
Thu Jan 16 09:05:04 UTC 2014


Daniel and me spent another day in the sysmocom office to go through
the PCU code. We finished clean-ups, made some simple manual tests
and looked at the traces.

We will work on the following items during the next weeks:

* For DL handling and multi-slot allocation more than one slot will
  only be allocated _after_ the TBF is re-used. E.g. for a simple
  download this might mean a single slot is used for the entire download.

  Daniel made a prototype to send a packet downlink assignment directly
  _after_ the assignment through the CCCH has completed. We manage to
  run into a use after free in the TBF code but will work on it.

  The issue is that the start of a TBF will take a bit longer. We
  might want to add some heuristic to decide when or when not to do

* Re-sending and window stalls. When the entire window has been sent
  once, resending will start but when the ACK/NACK is arrived the
  resending will conntinue. As it is more likely that frames have
  arrived we should stop the resending and increase the window. This
  will increase the throughput.

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