Dropping LLC frames due the TBF destruction

Holger Hans Peter Freyther hfreyther at sysmocom.de
Sun Oct 27 11:12:42 UTC 2013


my clean-ups are not done but there is a basic structure now that
can be refined. I started to add statistics to the BTS (and then will
add statistics per tbf but they are short lived so one would need to
be quick to see them).

E.g. in tbf_free we are freeing still pending llc_frames and I assume
that these are related to the "Killing pending DL TBF" and others. I
am wondering why:

* there is no indication to the SGSN for dropped frames/octets?
* can't the DL-TBF be re-associated/updated after the assignment
  is done again? 


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