Idea for synchonous logging/review of debug + GSMTAP

jolly andreas at
Wed Jan 30 06:57:54 UTC 2013

Harald Welte wrote:
> What about implementing a "GSMTAP" log target for libosmocore?  This way
> we could encapsulate the log messages into a special GSMTAP message,
> which would be sent synchronously in the GSMTAP stream together with
> RLC/MAC messages on the lower end.
it would be nice, if the "GSMTAP" target is supported by all projects
that generate gsmtap, like osmocom-bb, openbsc, ...

as you said, the target should have header fields for logging catergory
and level, so one can filter individually. there should be also a field
which flags the logging messages that are actually displayed on the
screen (filtered by the application), so one does not need to select the
same filter in wireshark again.

i doubt that wireshark supports colors, so i suggest to prefix the
logging catergory in the summary (the list of packets shown in the upper
part of wireshark's window) like this:
".... [DRLCMAC] gprs_rlcmac_data.cpp:100 [<tlli>] Poll timeout for DL

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