lack of progress in PCU patch merging / git (ab)use

Harald Welte laforge at
Mon Nov 26 15:23:03 UTC 2012

Hi Alexander,

On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 06:22:57PM +0400, Alexander Chemeris wrote:

> From what I see, all (or almost all) recent commits from Andreas are
> bug fixes. Ideally I'd love to see Andreas developing them on top of
> the current 'master' 


> and submitting them to the mailing list as soon as he push them. This
> way Ivan (and everyone else) would be able to review them and merge as
> soon as possible.

We can configure a post-commit hook to automatically send any commit (or
only commits to certain branches) to the osmo-pcu mailing list.  I
think right now they only end up at the generic commitlog
list, whcih probably except Holger and me nobody is really following...

> I hate the situation when fixes are stored in a private branch and are
> not merged into mainline.


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