lack of progress in PCU patch merging / git (ab)use

Harald Welte laforge at
Sat Nov 24 21:55:19 UTC 2012

Dear all,

it is a pity to see that since many weeks there has been no progress on
merging any of Andreas' work.  I think everyone involved is to be
blamed to some extent.  Andreas because the provided branches are not
kept clean, Ivan probably for lack of time, and me for not paying more
attention and helping this process along.

The general life-cycle in any project, including osmo-pcu, should be as

* contributor starts on some improvements, creates private branch
* master advances meanwhile
* contributor rebases (not merges!) his changes on top of more recent
* contributor indicates that his branch is ready for merge
* maintainer merges (some of?) the commits of the contributor branch
* contributor re-bases remaining commits on new master
* contributor requests merge of remaing patches

If I open 'gitk' on any of the branches (master / jolly / jolly_dsp) I
get grey hair (to say the least).  One would normally expect:

1) 'jolly' to be based on some (maybe not current) master

2) 'jolly_dsp' to be based on 'jolly'

Neither of the two is the case.  I've tried to
* rebase jolly on top of master
as well as
* rebase jolly_dsp on top of jolly

and both are impossible due to the series of merges and the unclear
ancestry / relationship of the branches.  Or, just for fun, try 'git
diff origin/jolly..origin/jolly_dsp.  It shows you anything else but
what one would expect

Andreas: Please take some time to clean up the mess.  Your 'jolly'
branch should contain a series of clean per-feature commit's on top of
current master, and 'jolly_dsp' should be a set of few patches on top of

This way there is always a clean queue of changesets that Ivan can merge
(or cherry-pick).  I can understand that if I was in Ivan's place, I
would not really know where to even start merging some of those

Thanks for everyone's attention.  Please take some time to get this
resolved.  Let me know if you have some questions.  There are plenty of
people with lots of git experience around (Holger, Pablo, myself) who
can help if something is unclear.


- Harald Welte <laforge at> 
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