Multislot finished and well tested

jolly andreas at
Wed Jul 25 06:53:50 UTC 2012

> 1.) sched_poll(poll_fn, out **poll_tbf, out *ul_ack_tbf...)
> (maybe return a struct with pointers to the queues)
> 2.) int (usf) sched_select_uplink(in *pdch)
> the next_ul_tfi side-effect might not be in that method
> 4.) sched_select_ctrl_msg(in *queues)
> 3.) msgb* sched_select_downlink(in *pdch)
> 5.) the rest of the method into a new method that generates
> the msgb..
hi holger,

i splitted the scheduler and committed it to jolly branch. i did not
make them static, so they can be used from test code.

also i committed a replacement patch for malloc(). it now frees all
allocated decoder structures after use.



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