Multislot finished and well tested

jolly andreas at
Tue Jul 24 13:59:16 UTC 2012

Alexander Chemeris wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 10:32 AM, jolly <andreas at> wrote:
>> i like to announce that multislot supports has been finished and is
>> working well.
> Thank you for your effort! We'll be testing this with OpenBTS soon.
> What is your next target?
hi alexander,

there are two major features already in the jolly and jolly_dsp branch
and some bugfixes/improvements. the two things are:

paging of mobile through PCU socket interface. the BTS must send mobile
identitiy (including CHANNEL_REQIRED IE) to the PCU whenever a paging is
performed. (see pcuif_proto.h) the PCU will send the paging on PACCH, so
the mobile can receive paging in packet transfer mode. (since the PCU
cannot relate the mobile identity (TMSI) to the TBFs, it will send it on
PACCHs, so all TBFs will receive it. it is implemented in sysmo-bts too.
if you need help with that on openbts side, let me know.

direct access of DSP of sysmo-BTS for PDCH data. this way there is less
overhead. but alternatively all packets can be forwarded through PCU
socket interface as usual.

i don't have anything more in mind for now, except some tests and bugfixes.



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