Multislot finished and well tested

jolly andreas at
Tue Jul 24 13:42:33 UTC 2012

>> great! Do you have any unit tests for the scheduler? I think it is
>> essential to have unit tests for the scheduling, e.g. specially as
>> someone making a modification might not have devices with all the
>> classes. I can help you to setup the autotest setup we are using in
>> the other modules.
hi holger,

i think it is quite complex to do tests. the scheduler does not deal
with any class. it just assigns up and downlink ressource to blocks of a
specific timeslot, if it is assigned to TBFs. in order to test all
classes, we need to check the multislot algorithm. in my opinion, the
only way to test all this would be to emulate a phone with all different
classes, do up and downlink assignment, and check if the assigned slots
comply to the classes.



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