TBF acknowledged mode is now working

Andreas Eversberg andreas at eversberg.eu
Thu Jul 5 18:04:43 UTC 2012

Ivan Kluchnikov wrote:
> Can you explain, what is the reason of using Time Indication message?
> As I understand, we use only frame number from this message and call 
> gprs_rlcmac_poll_timeout() function. But when we receive Ready To Send 
> message, we also receive frame number, so why we couldn't use that FN 
> for our purpose and call gprs_rlcmac_poll_timeout() in function, which 
> handling ReadyToSend message?
hi ivan,

the reason is that i need to find out when an uplink control bock is not 
received. this is required to handle counters on dropped frames. the 
problem is, that i did not yet manage to get bad frame indications. in 
order to have a quick workarround, i use gsm time indications. these 
indications are sent in advance of about 10 frames. after 20 frames i 
can be sure that the frame has not been received. using rts message 
would be possible too, but since i cannot be sure how much earlier they 
are sent, i cannot define how many frames i have to wait until timeout. 
if openbts uses an exact definition of how much earlier the rts messages 
are sent. if you look at gprs_rlcmac_poll_timeout(), you will see that i 
wait 20 frames. if rts message would be sent 52 frames in advance, then 
you should use wait something like 60. (add 10 to avoid jitter).
> Now I think, it makes sense to merge your branch with master, but we 
> should coordinate this process. When it is better to merge it? Do you 
> plan to make some  more fixes, modifications and cleaning of the code 
> at this stage?
> I believe, for better understanding of further development of the 
> project we should coordinate our efforts and discuss, what should be 
> implemented in the next steps. What plans of development do you have now?
yes, i agree that we should coordinate it. my current plans are:

- cleanup of debugging levels: (LOGL_DEBUG=full processing, 
LOGL_INFO=just infos about complete frames, LOGL_NOTICE=abnormal 
timeouts, invalid data and protocol errors, LOGL_ERROR=local errors, 
software errors. (i have already done this, but not yet committed.)
- replace hand-hacked/wireshark transcoding of control blocks by 
generated code from encodix. (i will to try this tomorrow.)
- changing from c++ back to c. (only possible after replacing the 
wireshark code.)
- multislot support.

i also agree with alexander's comment on splitting the commits. 
(especially the support of cell information from socket interface.) i 
can do that and provide seperate patches to this list tomorrow. 
sometimes it is hard to implement new features without doing cleanups at 
the same time, since i don't know what have to be cleaned in order to 
make the new feature work. instead i work on the feature and clean at 
the same time. (like replacing all hardcoded values by the cell 
information from the socket interface (or maybe from config file, one 



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