voting in gerrit: merge at +3? (+2+1 / +1+1+1)

Neels Hofmeyr nhofmeyr at
Tue Nov 27 23:04:31 UTC 2018

Looking at the dudle, I now see that clearly this is your favorite:

"merge at three votes, by enforcing from gerrit: we install a plugin to add up
voting, +3 allows to merge, at first no-one has +3 permissions"

So, we need a volunteer to try out that prolog snippet Max pointed out:

I'd suggest first in a local sandbox gerrit. We might even have an ansible to
setup our gerrit which could be useful to create a testing instance, not sure.
If we do, someone please point to it here.

If you have it figured out and tested, get access and install it on our
production gerrit. Ideal would be a scripted/ansible installation. Also ideal
would be to make sure a backup has run recently before you start.

The strongest proponents seem to be Max, pau, osmith, daniel.

Once this is in place, we will probably have a discussion about whether some
people get direct +3 permissions (matching the request for another option "some
people have +3 permissions" seen in the dudle comments).

I'd prefer if this would happen sooner rather than later. Still this week

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