3G with Asterisk connection

Pierre Kim admin at manateeshome.com
Mon Nov 19 06:58:50 UTC 2018

Hello, I'm setting up an Asterisk connection with osmo-sip-connector.

Initiation of calls works fine, but no sound is getting through.

My setup is as follows:

Local computer is running all osmo software plus asterisk

interface has IP address plus as alias

femtocell is at


      bind ip
      rtp port-range 4002 16000
      rtp bind-ip


      local 5069
      remote 5060


     mgw remote-ip
     mgw remote-port 2427
     mgw local-port 2728

When I start wireshark it only shows packets flowing between and

No packets to/from Asterisk server, how can I fix this problem? Current
documentation on osmo-mgw is quite difficult to understand.

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