osmo-bts: Repository write acces / Gerrit migration

Alexander Chemeris Alexander.Chemeris at fairwaves.co
Fri Jul 15 00:30:50 UTC 2016

On Thu, Jul 7, 2016 at 7:40 AM, Neels Hofmeyr <nhofmeyr at sysmocom.de> wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 07, 2016 at 08:36:06AM +0300, Alexander Chemeris wrote:
>> Believe it or not, but that's the information from my Gerrit user info page.
> Thanks for your patience -- the Gerrit UI for some weird reason refuses to
> offer your account's name in the group editing dialog. I took a close look at
> the database to find out why, but could find no difference to other accounts.
> For the record, simply entering the user ID (10000NN number) in the dialog
> worked, despite the user not being offered by the UI. So providing the gerrit
> user ID is indeed the easiest and most fool proof way.
> In short, Alexander, you should finally be a known user and may push private
> branches now. You may verify that using the sandbox repository:
> git clone ssh://$USERNAME@gerrit.osmocom.org:29418/sandbox.git

Thank you! Works like a charm now :)

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