osmo-nitb/osmo-bts-trx: Logging traffic on A-bis interface

Sebastian Stumpf sebastian.stumpf87 at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 1 13:06:38 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I wanted to check if the bts - bsc communication works properly with my
configuration. For example, if my osmo-nitb does send the system
information messages to the bts.

I tried the vty logging interface of osmo-bts and logged some messages, but
they were not the messages I expected.

I configured the groups rsl, oml, rll, rr and abis to "notice", all to
"everything" and everything else to "error"  and got following log output
(lots of these and nothing else):
<0006> scheduler.c:405 PH-RTS.ind: chan=CCCH chan_nr=0x90 link_id=0x00
fn=993588 ts=0 trx=0
<0006> scheduler.c:341 PH-DATA.req: chan_nr=0x90 link_id=0x00 fn=993588
ts=0 trx=0

PH-RTS.ind and PH-DATA.req seem to come from layer1 SAP, the osmo-trx and
have probably nothing to do with the SI messages.

Is traffic on abis generally not logged or is my log config faulty?

I ended up configuring the gsmtap interface for osmo-bts and could so see
the uplink/downlink in wireshark and could see that the SI information is
properly sent. But gsmtap only works for the air interface.

What is the best way for logging/sniffing the communication on the A-bis

With kind regards,
Sebastian Stumpf
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