DECT + GNU Radio?

Patrick McHardy kaber at
Sun Sep 23 14:10:28 UTC 2012

Patrick McHardy <kaber at> schrieb:

>Joel Mayer <joelm_armillary at> schrieb:
>>Dear Mister Patrick McHardy-
>>Here is a link to the EZTV 668 dongle. I have an EZTV 666 dongle
>>working in windows
>>(Ubuntu is in the near future on my lap top). I cannot vouch for the
>>668 dongle in 
>>any personal way, but I have read comments in the various forums
>>testifying to 
>>the utility of the 668.
>>The install script I mentioned beneath these lines only works in
>>Windows. To install
>>the GNU radio software in Ubuntu you need to use a script written by a
>>certain Mister
>>Marcus Leech (he is a radio astronomer). See:
>>Make certain you use Mister Leech's script! The GNU radio people have
>>their packages out of the repositories. The only way to get a fresh
>>radio is from the GNU radio people!
>>My suggestion is, you install the SDR# radio in windows using the
>>script I mentioned
>>at the bottom of this note. Then install the SDR# scanner radio built
>>by k5dev
>>(below). Here is a link to a useful quick start guide for windows:
>>To install the SDR# radio in Ubuntu on top of your GNU radio go here:
>><> Scroll down to the bottom of
>>first page and visit:
>>I'm going to journey to my pay pal account and try to send forty 
>>dollars to you at "kaber" at "trash dot net" without the quotes.
>>Have A Nice Day! 
>Thanks a lot, didn't expect that :-) I'll order one of these devices
>and will give it a shot.

Dropped CC, sorry.

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