DECT + GNU Radio?

Patrick McHardy kaber at
Sun Sep 23 12:17:07 UTC 2012

Joel Mayer <joelm_armillary at> schrieb:

>Dear Fans of DECT-
>What about the GNU Radio Project? Is anyone working on a version
>of DECT as an element of, say the SDR# radio? How about the 
>SDR# scanner radio?
> (1)<>
> (2)<>
>If you want to try this flavor of radio all you need is a suitable
>USB Dongle. For easy install with a script use:
That looks pretty cool. I guess it should be possible to reassemble the raw bitstream and use the existing code from my stack for following channel assignments and do raw reception and then use some userspace IPC channel to the existing tools like dectmon or wireshark instead of DECT sockets.

If anyone wants to send me one of these devices I would be willing to look into implementing this.

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