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2012/10/29 C470IP <c470ip at>

> Hello!
> Recently I've managed to install all Osmocom-DECT components (except
> Asterisk, which will be installed later). Everything seem to be working
> fine, at least I could try examples from the website without any error.
> Many thanks to the authors for this extraordinary job.
> Now I want to go further and to configure some useful system using these
> tools, but I feel some gaps in documentation/description which need to be
> clarified. I would be very thankful to anybody who would bother to answer
> the following questions:
> 1) When a DECT cluster is configured in FP mode (like first example here:
>**dect/wiki/Configuration<>), how can we use it to attach handsets? Or for what this mode is for? Also
> I've found that in this

Seems attach handsets is only possible through asterisk

> mode beacon frames are sent very seldom and with minimal power, is this
> normal?
2) Where one can find the list of keywords for dectmon command line? Or if
> not keywords, what is dectmon awaiting after its > character?
> I use dectmon with -l option.
In the log file, you can see the exchange of control messages between the
base and handset

> 3) In which program can we open raw dump files created by dectmon? Is it
> possible to dump pcap from dectmon?
In earlier messages of this ьфшдштп list, Patrick wrote that the pcap-file
can not get.

> 4) How can we extract audio from the monitored stream? For example I
> created a cluster in PP mode locked to my unencrypted phone, then created a
> cell and bound the transceiver, then ran dectmon with '-a yes' keys. No
> success at all.
> 5) Is it possible to extract audio from raw dumps of dectmon with some
> ready-to use software?
> 4 and 5 of the questions I also interested in, so I did not get the sound.

> 6) BTW does dectmon support seamless channel hopping to make smooth audio
> streams without noise interrupts like those happening in dect_cli software?
> Would be grateful for any response.
> With best regards, C470IP.  E-mail: c470ip at
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