Trying to fill some gaps in documentation

C470IP c470ip at
Mon Oct 29 07:39:07 UTC 2012


Recently I've managed to install all Osmocom-DECT components (except 
Asterisk, which will be installed later). Everything seem to be working 
fine, at least I could try examples from the website without any error. Many 
thanks to the authors for this extraordinary job.
Now I want to go further and to configure some useful system using these 
tools, but I feel some gaps in documentation/description which need to be 
clarified. I would be very thankful to anybody who would bother to answer 
the following questions:

1) When a DECT cluster is configured in FP mode (like first example here: ), how can we use it to 
attach handsets? Or for what this mode is for? Also I've found that in this 
mode beacon frames are sent very seldom and with minimal power, is this 

2) Where one can find the list of keywords for dectmon command line? Or if 
not keywords, what is dectmon awaiting after its > character?

3) In which program can we open raw dump files created by dectmon? Is it 
possible to dump pcap from dectmon?

4) How can we extract audio from the monitored stream? For example I created 
a cluster in PP mode locked to my unencrypted phone, then created a cell and 
bound the transceiver, then ran dectmon with '-a yes' keys. No success at 

5) Is it possible to extract audio from raw dumps of dectmon with some 
ready-to use software?

6) BTW does dectmon support seamless channel hopping to make smooth audio 
streams without noise interrupts like those happening in dect_cli software?

Would be grateful for any response.

With best regards, C470IP.  E-mail: c470ip at 

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