Fehler beim Kernel bauen

Patrick McHardy kaber at trash.net
Sat Jan 15 14:47:05 UTC 2011

Am 15.01.2011 14:21, schrieb Jens Zerban:
> unter Kanotix 2.6.30-10-generic habe ich nun folgenden Fehler bei make:
> CC [M]  net/dect/mac_ccf.o
> net/dect/mac_ccf.c:65: warning: ‘dect_slotnum’ defined but not used
> net/dect/mac_ccf.c:75: warning: ‘dect_mfn’ defined but not used
> net/dect/mac_ccf.c:211: warning: ‘dect_mbc_tb_get_by_lbn’ defined but not used
>  CC [M]  net/dect/dsc.o
>  CC [M]  net/dect/dlc.o
>  CC [M]  net/dect/dlc_cplane.o
>  CC [M]  net/dect/dlc_b_sap.o
>  CC [M]  net/dect/dlc_s_sap.o
>  CC [M]  net/dect/dlc_uplane.o
>  CC [M]  net/dect/ccp.o
> net/dect/ccp.c: In function ‘dect_ccp_send_to_cell’:
> net/dect/ccp.c:55: error: implicit declaration of function ‘tipc_send_buf’

Right, the TIPC stuff got "cleaned up" and a couple of functions
removed. Disable CONFIG_DECT_CCP for now to make it build.

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