Siemens proprietary protocol

Patrick McHardy kaber at
Thu Oct 14 08:11:07 UTC 2010

Am 14.10.2010 08:50, schrieb Harald Welte:
> Patrick,
> On Thu, Oct 14, 2010 at 08:32:00AM +0200, Patrick McHardy wrote:
>> Since I only own two different kinds of telephones, it would be useful
>> to get some more data. What I'm currently looking for is the debug
>> output from the asterisk channel driver (with "dect set debug on") for
>> the initial pairing, location registration and a call. If people could
>> send me that it would be much appreciated. Please also include the
>> telephone type and CC the linux-dect list.
> just as an idea:  Come to the 27C3 conference, there will be a four-digit
> number of DECT phones.  I'm sure among them you will find plenty of volunteers
> who would spend a couple of minutes to register their phone to your network and
> allow you to connect traces / debug logs.

That sounds like a pretty good idea. If I can get handover running until
then, I could also set up a small multi-cell system for testing.

> Also, I will not have time myself to collect traces, but I can bring one
> 'Gigaset S1' PP to the netfilter developer workshop, if you like to play with
> that model at some point during the workshop.

Unfortunately the keyboard of the only notebook I own that still has a
PCMCIA slot is completely broken, so I won't be able to do any testing
at the workshop. Thanks anyways.


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