Dectmon only recording data partially?

Patrick McHardy kaber at
Tue Nov 9 10:09:06 UTC 2010

Am 08.11.2010 18:27, schrieb Erik Tews:
> Hi
> I have a strange problem with dectmon. I would like to monitor the
> conversations between a Siemens AS150 and it's base station. I started
> the cluster in monitoring mode with the same emc and fpn as the original
> base station in pp mode:
> dect-cluster-add --name cluster0 --emc $EMC --fpn $FPN --mode pp --monitor
> dect-cell-add --name cell0 --cluster cluster0
> dect-transceiver-bind --transceiver trx0 --cell cell0
> Now, when I launch dectmon, I get these messages:
> # ./dectmon -n yes
> netlink: cluster0: mode PP ARI: class A: EMC: 0ff6 FPN: 0deb7
> LCE: set default pmid e94bd
> LCE: registered protocol 0 (Link Control)
> LCE: registered protocol 3 (Call Control)
> LCE: registered protocol 4 (Call Independant Supplementary Services)
> LCE: registered protocol 6 (ConnectionLess Message Service)
> LCE: registered protocol 5 (Mobility Management)
> netlink: message group: 4
> netlink: FPC: full_slot,page_repetition,basic_a_field_setup,in_min_delay
> netlink: HLC: adpcm_g721_voice,gap_pap_basic_speech,standard_authentication,location_registration
> unknown
> unknown
> netlink: message group: 4
> Should't there be more output? I am sure that at least some location
> registration or authentication messages are exchanged here.
> I am running 2.6.36, but I did not update to the latest version in the
> git tree yet.

This usually happens when the monitor is not properly locked to the
station. If you enable debugging in the kernel, does it show DBC

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