Asterisk with cluster in PP mode

NoOne me at
Mon Nov 1 10:51:42 UTC 2010

Hi ... I successfully ran asterisk with a cluster in FP mode with one handset.
Now I tried to use asterisk acting as a PP so that it can accept calls from PSTN.

I catched EMC and FPN of my base station via dect-llme-scan.
Where do I pass the PIN code for access_rights_requests?

When I want to start asterisk I get following error messages:

netlink: cu: mode PP ARI: class A: EMC: 0d13 FPN: 126f4
netlink: FPC: full_slot,page_repetition,basic_a_field_setup,in_min_delay
netlink: HLC: adpcm_g721_voice,gap_pap_basic_speech,standard_authentication,location_registration
LCE: set default pmid e16c8
LCE: registered protocol 0 (Link Control)
LCE: registered protocol 3 (Call Control)
LCE: registered protocol 4 (Call Independant Supplementary Services)
LCE: registered protocol 6 (ConnectionLess Message Service)
LCE: registered protocol 5 (Mobility Management)

netlink: MAC_ME_RFP_PRELOAD-req
netlink: HLC: adpcm_g721_voice,gap_pap_basic_speech,standard_authentication,standard_ciphering,location_registration,ciss_service,clms_service,list_access_features
[Nov  1 11:44:09] ERROR[3477]: chan_dect.c:2338 dect_load_module: Unable to set FP capabilities
  == Unregistered channel type 'DECT'

Kind regards

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