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On Wed, Jul 8, 2020 at 2:19 PM Andi Kita <akita at qmail.qcc.edu> wrote:

> What sdr are you using?
> I am trying to use usrp b200 and I was not able to make it work. I have
> read the research paper wrote by sylvain but that's for the old code.

Research paper ?
I don't think I've ever written any of those ...

> Is there anything or any other hardware that I could use? I have a b210
> b200 bladerf x115 and a limesdr full board. I don't want to spend any money
> on the cube dongle and usrp1 are not made anymore.

All of the above should work fine.
But you need a good RF setup. That means a good directional antenna with
the right polarization, a good line of sight to the satellite and
preferably external filters and LNA. Here I have so much out-of-band
interference from terrestrial signals that without the cavity filter(
http://shop.sysmocom.de/products/filter-rf-l-band ) the signals is very
bad.  I also use a minicircuit LNA with very high linearity ( ~ 200 mA bias
current IIRC ).

Then you can use the same command line as he did, just remove the `--args
airspy` and replace with `--args uhd` for instance for a USRP. (you might
have to select the right antenna as well make sure the LED light up where
you have your stuff connected).



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