Change in docker-playground[master]: Make a common part of *-build/-obs images

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Wed Mar 10 00:10:59 UTC 2021

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Change subject: Make a common part of *-build/-obs images

Make a common part of *-build/-obs images

Maintaining several versions of the same file in different folders
is a bad idea, because at some point their content gets out of sync.
This is exactly what happened to '': sleep()ing was only
implemented in 'osmo-bts-master/', other versions of this
file would simply ignore '$SLEEP_BEFORE_RESPAWN'.

The easiest solution would be to have all common files in a single
directory, however Docker does not allow to ADD files from outside
of the build context.  In other words, all files must be in the
same directory as the Dockerfile itself.

At the same time, Docker allows the first argument of ADD to be
a URL, and at least HTTP(S) is supported.  Most of our images
require the Internet connectivity anyway, so let's make it grab
'' from

Change-Id: I3ec86c8610b3b43d39ea8e3da444861d317ced4e
M centos8-build/Dockerfile
M centos8-obs-latest/Dockerfile
R common/
M debian-buster-build/Dockerfile
M debian-jessie-build/Dockerfile
M debian-sid-build/Dockerfile
M debian-stretch-obs-latest/Dockerfile
M osmo-bts-latest/Dockerfile
D osmo-bts-latest/
M osmo-bts-master/Dockerfile
M osmo-pcu-latest/Dockerfile
D osmo-pcu-latest/
M osmo-pcu-master/Dockerfile
D osmo-pcu-master/
14 files changed, 18 insertions(+), 53 deletions(-)

  git pull ssh:// refs/changes/03/23303/2
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