Change in osmo-bts[master]: main: do not use fprintf to log fatal errors

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Change subject: main: do not use fprintf to log fatal errors

Patch Set 1:

File src/common/main.c: 
PS1, Line 95: 			LOGP(DLGLOBAL, LOGL_FATAL, "%s: Unknown VTY reference generation "
You shouldn't use libosmocore logging system here, because you are still configuring it from cmd line arguments in the loop under handle_options, so the program may end up doing unexpected stuff. 
PS1, Line 306: 		LOGP(DLGLOBAL, LOGL_FATAL, "Failed to create BTS structure\n");
I'm not sure whether it's a 100% good idea to merge this patch, specially since we introduced support for async writes in the logging subsystem. That means the writes may not happen until the main loop is run, which in all these changes you do here is not, since we exit beforehand. As a result, messages could potentially be held in write queues.
On the other side, we win potentially writing those to eg. file targets, since it should be rare delaying writes for those messages since they are not that big. 
PS1, Line 420: 			perror("Error during daemonize");
If all lines are changed, this perror() line should too.

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