Change in libosmo-abis[master]: ipa: add optional connect timeout to ipa_client_conn_open

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Thu Jun 17 10:42:23 UTC 2021

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Change subject: ipa: add optional connect timeout to ipa_client_conn_open

Patch Set 2:

File src/input/ipa.c: 
PS1, Line 233: 
> He's just adding a new line here because he's adding new blocks to the function, so that different s […]
PS1, Line 247: 		ret = osmo_sock_wait(link->ofd->fd, timeout_msec);
> So this is the use case you were saying it's fine blocking? Inside a library function? Doesn't look  […]
You have to check I205f68a3a7f35fee4c38a7cfba2b014237df2727 (osmo-bts). It depends how the library is used. timeout_msec is optional. If it is 0, then there is no blocking at all. If the user wants to block in order to make sure that the TCP connection towards the bsc is working before moving on, then timeout_msec can be set to a reasonable value.

In osmo-bts we have this case where the abis connection is made before the main loop is entered and there it makes sense to try all possible BSCs until one is found that is up.

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