Change in osmo-gsm-tester[master]: ms-srs: change the cpu governor before launching the ms.

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Change subject: ms-srs: change the cpu governor before launching the ms.

Patch Set 1:

Answering your questions:

- True. I didn't remember that problem. We should find a solution for this. It would be nice if it can be configured at the test setup, for every resource that it is using, going back to normal at the test teardown. Is that possible in a safe way (maybe setting a lock on the run_node while the test is executing that forces other OGT instances to wait for the lock release)?

- It isn't related to specific hosts. It can be any host that it's running under Linux (we currently use it for the ms-srs). It's a nice feature to allow the device to "full performance" during the test and going back to normal after the test is finished. I think it suits more to be a "run_node" property rather than a binary (enb-srs, ms-amarisoft, epc-srs...). 

If it's too hard, we can start with the easiest solution that is to set the governor to performance as the default. What do you think, Andre?

In the future we can try to solve it, so we can get this feature. I think it's a cool one 😄

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