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Change subject: bsc: add TC_cm_reestablishment

Patch Set 3:

but such enum has to be defined before definition of the COORD_PT in MSC_ConnectionHandler.ttcn.

so for example the coord events needed by TC_cm_reestablishment would have to be defined
in MSC_ConnectionHandler.ttcn.
Each test that uses COORD will have distinct events to send to the other component.
So we collect event names for various tests from various BSC_Tests* files,
all in MSC_ConnectionHandler.ttcn, and it's likely to produce unused entries / cruft as time passes.

Using a charstring does not need this "bloat" in distant source files.
Spotting the wrong strings being sent is not hard, compared to the other pitfalls in ttcn.
Using a const charstring definition gives the same level of compile-time check, if so desired.

So I opt towards de-central flexibility here, rather define the events to be sent close to the actual test,
no need to perfectly validate every COORD message (which an enum would also not do, since it would still be possible to send unrelated enum values at the wrong time...).

Actually, what would be even nicer is allowing *any* type of messages being sent.
Is that possible?

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