Change in osmo-bsc[master]: Split bts_vty.c creating bts_trx_vty.c

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Change subject: Split bts_vty.c creating bts_trx_vty.c

Patch Set 3:

> Patch Set 3:
> ok, but why? any functional reason?
> in osmo-bsc, i recently moved osmo_bsc_vty.c into bsc_vty.c to have less file splits and find DEFUNs easier. same as i still do with my two bicycle bags: i always looked in the first, didn't find it, then looked in the other, still didn't find it, to finally do find it in the first...

Because it becomes really cumbersome to find or maintain bsc_vty.c, having it more than 7K lines before the split. I usually find myself losing time finding where to put new stuff in, or finding in which node one comamnd is, etc.

The main difference in joining osmo_bsc_vty.c into bsc_vty.c and splitting into bts_{trx_}_vty.c is that in the former there was no clear separation/distinction between those, so having them separated only added confusion. In this new split, stuff it separated based on node hierarchy. Furthermore, we already have a bts.c and bts_trx.c files. Also so simply grepping in the directory and finding something in bts_trx_vty.c already tells you the vty cmd is in TRX or TS node, and lookinng it up there is easy.

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