Change in osmo-bts[master]: early IMM ASS: add configurable delay for RR IMM ASS

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Change subject: early IMM ASS: add configurable delay for RR IMM ASS

Patch Set 4:

> Maybe this is "only" the rts-advance we're seeing here?  I.e. channel activated in scheduler, but the PHY is still transmitting downlink bursts which were already pre-computed? In that case, shouldn't either the CHAN ACT ACK contain the exact frame number from which the channel will actually be active, or at least this newly introduced timeout correspond to the rts-advance / fn-advance?

Gladly, that would be much more elegant. I could use some pointers / assistance because
at the moment I have no knowledge of how to determine the correct frame numbers / rts
(and how to trigger on their arrival).

I decided for a delay also because I am unsure whether the required wait time comes from processing on the MS side.

But of course I'm aware that so far, whatever latency, apparently however small, the Abis roundtrip to the BSC induced was enough for stable operation.

A delay config option is an easy way to experiment with how much wait time is sufficient in practice.
That is the primary goal of this patch, not necessarily merging as-is.

Reports from testing show that this delay patch made the difference from unreliable to reliable early-IA operation. Still I'd be glad to make it more concise.

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