Change in pysim[master]: Set uSIM to 'type approval operations' in EF['AD']

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Change subject: Set uSIM to 'type approval operations' in EF['AD']

Set uSIM to 'type approval operations' in EF['AD']

The ``EF_AD`` field contains administrative data (AD).
It consists of four bytes ``B1``, ``B2``, ``B3``, ``B4``,
and optionally further bytes for future use.

Current implementation only sets the MNC field appropriately
(located in `B4`) and sets all other bits/bytes to 0.

However, `B1` defines the *UE operation mode* as listed below.
For type approval operations (such as testing with a test uSIM),
this value should be set to `0x80` rather than `0x00`(= normal operation).
This may unlock some UE capabilities that are restricted in
normal operation mode.

Excerpt from [ETSI TS 131 102, 4.2.18](

B1 - UE operation mode:
	Initial value
	- '00' normal operation.
	- '80' type approval operations.
	- '01' normal operation + specific facilities.
	- '81' type approval operations + specific facilities.
	- '02' maintenance (off line).
	- '04' cell test operation.

B2 - Additional information:
	Reserved for future use

B3 - Additional information:
	- B3.b1: OFM setting (Ciphering)
	- B3.others: Reserved for future use

B4 - Length of MNC in the IMSI:
	- B4.b4..B4.b1: length:  '0010' (= 2) or '0011' (=3)
	- B4.others: Reserved for future use

**Legend:** Byte X, bit Y: BX.bY

Further reading:

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