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Mon May 20 07:50:40 UTC 2019

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Change subject: RTP_Emulation: Avoid failure if T_transmit triggers between bind and connect

Patch Set 1:

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File library/RTP_Emulation.ttcn:
PS1, Line 473: 		[g_tx_connected] T_transmit.timeout {
> AFAICT: The timeout expiration event is in the inbound port queue until some match statement dequeue […]
Tested it works as you described, so we can merge this patch.

Tested with following snippet:

		var boolean g_tx_connected := false;
		var boolean cont := true;
		timer T_transmit := 1.0;
		timer T_foo := 5.0;


		while (cont) {
			alt {
				[] T_foo.timeout {
					log("pespin: foo enabling other timer...");
					g_tx_connected := true;
				[g_tx_connected] T_transmit.timeout {
					log("pespin: TIMER TRIGGERS!");
					cont := false;


09:47:43.230378 mtc MGCP_Test.ttcn:1049 Start timer T_transmit: 1 s
09:47:43.230397 mtc MGCP_Test.ttcn:1050 Start timer T_foo: 5 s
09:47:48.246562 mtc MGCP_Test.ttcn:1054 Timeout T_foo: 5 s
09:47:48.246829 mtc MGCP_Test.ttcn:1055 pespin: foo enabling other timer...
09:47:48.247020 mtc MGCP_Test.ttcn:1054 Timeout operation on timer T_foo failed: The timer is not started.
09:47:48.247132 mtc MGCP_Test.ttcn:1058 Timeout T_transmit: 1 s
09:47:48.247217 mtc MGCP_Test.ttcn:1059 pespin: TIMER TRIGGERS!
09:47:48.247416 mtc MGCP_Test.ttcn:1065 setverdict(pass): none -> pass

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