Change in libosmocore[master]: core/linuxlist.h: fix and unify Doxygen documentation

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Mon Mar 25 14:50:46 UTC 2019

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Change subject: core/linuxlist.h: fix and unify Doxygen documentation

Patch Set 1:

File include/osmocom/core/linuxlist.h:
PS1, Line 50: /*! Define a new llist_head pointing to another llist_head.
another is confusing here, specially because immediatelly afterwards it' used to point to itself in LLIST_HEAD. So better use "a given" instead of "other".
PS1, Line 69:  * Insert a new entry between two known consecutive entries.
No need for extra line. You can start it with "/*! Insert", see functions below.
PS1, Line 85:  *  \param _new a new entry to be added.
"the entry to be added".
PS1, Line 86:  *  \param head head of linked list to add it after.
"add it after" is quite misleading here. Would be a lot clearer saying " linked list head to prepend the element to". I see nowhere the word "prepend" being used, and imho it's the one really explaining in an easy way what this function does.
PS1, Line 344:         	
whitespace, we can remove it in this commit or add an extra one.

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