Change in libosmocore[master]: BSSGP: use BVCI and NSEI as rate counter index

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Mon Mar 11 15:15:07 UTC 2019

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Change subject: BSSGP: use BVCI and NSEI as rate counter index

BSSGP: use BVCI and NSEI as rate counter index

According to 3GPP TS 48.018 §5.4.4 Network Service Entity (used in BSS
and SGSN) is identified by both NSEI and BVCI but previously rate
counter group used only BVCI for index. Let's fix this by using
concatenation of BVCI and NSEI as index.

Change-Id: I6a3ffe2fd147532f2469ec8120134ed69692fb41
Related: OS#3827
M src/gb/gprs_bssgp.c
1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

  git pull ssh:// refs/changes/06/13206/1

diff --git a/src/gb/gprs_bssgp.c b/src/gb/gprs_bssgp.c
index b0a1089..decb979 100644
--- a/src/gb/gprs_bssgp.c
+++ b/src/gb/gprs_bssgp.c
@@ -119,14 +119,14 @@
 struct bssgp_bvc_ctx *btsctx_alloc(uint16_t bvci, uint16_t nsei)
 	struct bssgp_bvc_ctx *ctx;
+	unsigned int idx = bvci << 16 | nsei;
 	ctx = talloc_zero(bssgp_tall_ctx, struct bssgp_bvc_ctx);
 	if (!ctx)
 		return NULL;
 	ctx->bvci = bvci;
 	ctx->nsei = nsei;
-	/* FIXME: BVCI is not unique, only BVCI+NSEI ?!? */
-	ctx->ctrg = rate_ctr_group_alloc(ctx, &bssgp_ctrg_desc, bvci);
+	ctx->ctrg = rate_ctr_group_alloc(ctx, &bssgp_ctrg_desc, idx);
 	ctx->fc = talloc_zero(ctx, struct bssgp_flow_control);
 	/* cofigure for 2Mbit, 30 packets in queue */
 	bssgp_fc_init(ctx->fc, 100000, 2*1024*1024/8, 30, &_bssgp_tx_dl_ud);

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