Change in ...osmo-trx[master]: Add rate_ctr support to store/retrieve SDR errors through VTY

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Change subject: Add rate_ctr support to store/retrieve SDR errors through VTY

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PS1, Line 18:    device:rx_underruns:          0 (0/s 0/m 0/h 0/d) Number of Rx underruns
            :     device:rx_overruns:          0 (0/s 0/m 0/h 0/d) Number of Rx overruns
> do we have a clear definition of what those are? I think the  terminology is not entirely obvious. […]
Rx underruns exist in LimeSuite. They are generated in Streamer::ReceivePacketsLoop() during read of buffers from FPGA.
So bytes read is expected to be always a multiple of FPGA packet buffer. In case that doesn't happen, underrun is increased.

Rx overrun happens indeed because it took too much time for App to read and LimeSuite cannot write all recvd bytes to internal buffers of the stream.

Tx underflow: If for some reason not enough data is present on LimeSuite internal buffers when writing to FPGA.

Tx overflow: If not all bytes willing to be sent by LimeSuite could end up inside the FPGA (due to its buffer being too full, or amount of data willing to be set being to big).

And btw, while looking at LimeSuite code, I also found out overrun/underrun values are reset every time LMS_GetStreamStatus() are called.

I created a ticket upstream to get it documented properly:

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