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Change subject: osmo-sgsn: Fix outdated information in usermanual

osmo-sgsn: Fix outdated information in usermanual

Quite a few features that are listed as not-implemented in the overview
section are actually implemented now.

Change-Id: I8d499a25293b69babc2aebb2d697438f8ba8141f
Related: OS#1720
M doc/manuals/chapters/overview.adoc
M doc/manuals/chapters/running.adoc
2 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 18 deletions(-)

  git pull ssh:// refs/changes/63/14963/1

diff --git a/doc/manuals/chapters/overview.adoc b/doc/manuals/chapters/overview.adoc
index abc7496..e2c0107 100644
--- a/doc/manuals/chapters/overview.adoc
+++ b/doc/manuals/chapters/overview.adoc
@@ -74,14 +74,13 @@
 non-acknowledged mode, as this is the most common use case in real-world
 GPRS networks.
-Furthermore, it does not support IP header nor payload compression at
-this point.  Addition of those features is subject to customer demand or
-user/customer contributions.
+It does support both TCP/IP header compression according to RFC1144 and
+payload compression according to V.42bis
-The LLC implementation does support LLC encryption.  However, as no HLR
-access is implemented yet, there is no way to enable/configure
-per-subscriber specific keys.
+The LLC implementation does support LLC encryption with ciphers GEA3 and GEA4.
+For encryption to work the auth policy needs to be set to remote and the SGSN
+connected to an HLR containing the subscriber data including key material.
+Other auth policys will not work with encryption.
 ==== Session Management Implementation
@@ -93,11 +92,8 @@
 Multiple PDP contexts can be attached by a single MS.
-Currently, all PDP contexts are routed to the same GGSN, irrespective of
-the APN used/configured in the MS.  This is sufficient (and actually
-desirable) for small autonomous networks, but of course not suitable for
-real networks in roaming scenarios.  Please contact sysmocom in case you
-require additional features such as DNS-based APN resolving.
+Multiple GGSNs can be configured and routing to a GGSN can be configured based
+on APN. Dynamic lookup of GGSNs though DNS-based APN resolving is also possible.
 === Limitations
@@ -109,10 +105,5 @@
 Known Limitations include:
-* No LLC encryption support
-* No interface to the OsmoNITB HLR
 * No paging coordination between SGSN and MSC
 * No SMS over Ps support
-* No IuPS interface for 3G (in progress)
-* No IP header compression
-* No payload compression
diff --git a/doc/manuals/chapters/running.adoc b/doc/manuals/chapters/running.adoc
index d758b28..63c2b27 100644
--- a/doc/manuals/chapters/running.adoc
+++ b/doc/manuals/chapters/running.adoc
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@
 *-h, --help*::
 	Print a short help message about the supported options
 *-V, --version*::
-	Print the compile-time version number of the OsmoBTS program
+	Print the compile-time version number of the OsmoSGSN program
 *-d, --debug 'DBGMASK','DBGLEVELS'*::
 	Set the log subsystems and levels for logging to stderr. This
 	has mostly been superseded by VTY-based logging configuration,

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