Change in ...osmo-sgsn[master]: gprs_gmm: Introduce assert to guard against unexpected condition

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Change subject: gprs_gmm: Introduce assert to guard against unexpected condition

Patch Set 2:

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File src/gprs/gprs_gmm.c: 
PS2, Line 1747: mmctx->ran_type == MM_CTX_T_GERAN_Gb
> I'm also confused. […]
This is an assert I add to try to catch keith's osmo-sgsn isntance crashing (we started debugging it in OsmoDevCon). I don't want to directly workaround the issue, I really want osmo-sgsn to assert and exit in this situation, so we can make sure this is the condition he's hitting. Since lots of subscribers are using the sgsn at that time, it's impossible otherwise to find out.

Killing osmo-sgsn here is not a big issue since anyway it would crash later on due to the bug we spotted.

Regarding the assert condition:
If ran_type is MM_CTX_T_UTRAN_Iu, it's perfectly fine to have a null llme, so I really want to check in the Gb case (because anyway that's what's deployed in the setup where we saw the crash). I want to make sure that "it doesn't happen that llme is NULL when on Gb", and the condition expresses so.

The expression I'm using is exactly the same you are proposing. But Ok, I'll change it if you think it's simpler.

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