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Change subject: GSUP: add Class IE

Patch Set 3:


I appreciate the review, but in this case...
File include/osmocom/gsm/gsup.h:
> Looking at this IE, the reader may ask: class of what? […]
It is actually rather absurd, in the face of HUGE GIGANTIC patches waiting for review, we are seriously nitpicking about "Kind" vs "Class" vs "Message Class". This is Bikeshed at its best, if I may say so myself ;)

"Message Class" is saying exactly the same thing but with more words; what part of GSUP is not a Message?

I already once edited all those patches from "KIND" to "CLASS", here, in osmo-hlr and osmo-msc, across entire branch histories; with git format-patch, sed and git am, taking great care to not accidentally modify other sentences containing the word "kind" in unrelated contexts. IMHO that's no sane way to spend my time.
> Which array? […]
Please see the comment just above it. It explicitly serves as size for an array, hence it is called ARRAYSIZE.

The other may be an End Marker, which it actually isn't: it never is actually used as a marker anywhere. The only place it is used is gsup_test.c for a validity check.

Apologies, but I'd rather not adopt a bad name choice if you don't force me.

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