Change in osmo-hlr[master]: fix USSD routing to multiple MSC

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Fri Apr 5 19:34:50 UTC 2019

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Change subject: fix USSD routing to multiple MSC

Patch Set 5: Code-Review-1

File src/hlr_ussd.c:
PS5, Line 238: ss->subscr
This will always remain NULL, because AFAICS you never set this pointer...
PS5, Line 251: return -EINVAL;
memleak: msg was allocated dynamically, so here you need to free it.
PS5, Line 260: return -EINVAL;
same here.
PS5, Line 263: USSD
'SS/USSD' would be more correct, as we would also deal with "structured" Supplementary Services some day.
PS5, Line 286: resp_msg = gsm0480_msgb_alloc_name(__func__);
So here we allocate a message buffer on heap...

BTW (off-topic): why do we use gsm0480_msgb_alloc_name()? We have nothing to do with GSM 04.80 at the HLR - it's only used to encapsulate the SS payload between MS and MSC. This is not that critical, but may be misleading.

Also, gsm0480_msgb_alloc_name() allocates a smaller buffer:

  return msgb_alloc_headroom(1024, 128, name);

than osmo_gsup_client_msgb_alloc() does:

  return msgb_alloc_headroom(4000, 64, __func__);

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