osmo-ggsn[master]: lib/ippool: Fix listsize calculated 1 elem too small

Harald Welte gerrit-no-reply at lists.osmocom.org
Sun Oct 15 16:03:55 UTC 2017

Patch Set 1:

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File lib/ippool.c:

Line 218: 		dynsize = (1 << (addr.len*8 - addrprefixlen));
I always thought the "-1" is for the GGSN itself.  So if you have a /24 with 256 addresses, one of the addresses is for the GGSN itself.  Then you may also want to exclude the network, gateway and/or broadcast addresses in addition.

However, the existing code would have mandated the GGSN to use the highest address within the pool to work.  All of those assumptions are bad anyway.

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