osmo-pcu[master]: EDGE: fix wrong encoding of LH bits

Minh-Quang Nguyen gerrit-no-reply at lists.osmocom.org
Thu Oct 5 17:21:28 UTC 2017

Patch Set 3:

> > I got an error about missing QEMU when running make check without
 > > our LC15 toolchain built from Yocto framework.
 > I suspect you're still doing a cross-compile, i.e. the
 > './configure' was executed with the environment for your
 > cross-toolchain?
 > > Any suggestion?
 > If you do a native compile on your PC, rendering an x86/x68_64
 > executable for osmo-pcu, make check should work for master.  This
 > is what all of us execute on our various development machines (all
 > flavors of Linux from Gentoo to Arch to Debian to Ubuntu), and
 > which is also what our jenkins.osmoocom.org is testing continuously
 > e.g. for verifying patch submissions.
 > In case of doubt, feel free to open a redmine issue attaching your
 > config.log and "make check" output.  Thanks!

I found out an issue with patch set #2 using two successive bitvec_set_bit(dest, H ,2) calls making bit index increased by 4 bits which is not correct. 

I have also noticed that my MS is able to send packet control ack as 4 successive PRACH bursts without this patch using a clean Yocto image built with up-to-date libraries. 

Therefore, I would prefer to drop this patch.

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