osmo-gsm-manuals[master]: BSC, BTS: add diagrams of PCU-BTS-NITB-SGSN relationships

Neels Hofmeyr gerrit-no-reply at lists.osmocom.org
Tue Jan 3 22:06:33 UTC 2017

Patch Set 2: Code-Review-1


more cosmetics...

File OsmoBSC/chapters/overview.adoc:

Line 32: 	BSC [label="BSC"]
either use tabs everywhere or spaces everywhere, please don't mix whitespace kinds (numerous more below)

Line 35: 	EIR [label="EIR"]
if the item and label are identical, just drop the "[label=...]" part.

Line 36: 	SMSC [label="SMSC"]        
whitespace at end of line (three more below)

Line 57:         MS0 [label="MS"];
interesting, digraph works both with-semicolon and without-semicolon at the line end? let's decide for one way and have it the same everywhere. Apparently all other digraphs in the osmo-gsm-manuals are written *with* semicolon. That means above digraph script should also have semicoli.

Line 75: 		SMSC [label="SMSC"];
hmm weird, even though HLR, EIR, SMSC appear in the same order as above, the graph is rendered in the opposite order. I'd rather reverse the order here to first SMSC, then EIR, then HLR, so that the graph is rendered the same as above. Seems to be a digraph "bug"?

Line 87: 	MSC -> "Linux Call Router / SoftSwitch / PBX" [label="MNCC"]
this is bloated.

* above, declare:

  EXTMNCC [label="Linux Call Router / SoftSwitch / PBX\n(optional)"];

* Here, instead of the second subgraph and repeated long label, simply write:

  MSC -> EXTMNCC [label="external MNCC"];

File OsmoBTS/chapters/interfaces.adoc:

Line 124:         rankdir=LR;
add semicoli below?

Line 131:         SGSN [label="SGSN"]
GGSN is also still missing.

Drop "[label=...]" part for identically named items.

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