libosmocore embedded build

Harald Welte laforge at
Thu May 18 10:54:01 UTC 2017

Hi Andre!

On Thu, May 18, 2017 at 12:08:08PM +0200, André Boddenberg wrote:
> a test job for the libosmocore arm-none-eabi build is created [1].
> Another multi-configuration axis (arch) has been added and a
> combination filter has been applied to not run arm builds on FreeBSD.


> Do we actually want to cross-compile on FreeBSD as well?


> The arm build does not succeed (yet) [2].
> Can someone else may have a quick look at log [2] to point me in the
> right direction? Afaics build dependencies are available but the
> compilation itself fails.

The build completes, but 'make check' fails.  I think 'make check' does
only make sense for host builds, but not for embedded.  We cannot
execute the test cases anyway, even if we were able to build them.

I cannot fix it right now in the autoconf (i.e. do nothing for 'make
check'), so feel free to disable 'make check' in the build script as an
interim workaround.

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