CalypsoBTS and modern OsmoBSC

Anton Gorbachev antgorka at
Wed May 10 12:48:10 UTC 2017


I reassembled all the files with "old" toolchain and now I can see network
but when I try to do a location update or add subscriver manually I get

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

In syslog:
May 10 15:08:33 osmobox kernel: [  740.703083] osmo-nitb[2517]: segfault at
6e656d70 ip b778b589 sp bf84ba40 error 4 in[b7788000+8000]

It seems there is some issue with HLR's sqlite.
Did you meet such error before?

I found also this thread

Should I use x64 bit architexture to solve it? Do you have working setup of
calypsoBTS? What OS do you use for that?

Kind regards.

2017-05-10 10:51 GMT+03:00 Anton Gorbachev <antgorka at>:

> Hello again,
> I set up bts like sysmobts but it seems there are some other issues.
> If I understood it correct I must specify phys_channel_confif for all TS
> of the BTS.
> Otherwise OsmoBTS cannot get settings from OsmoBSC. What config should I
> set for TS2-TS7?
> And will "slotmask 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0" affect somehow the OsmoBTS behaviour?
> Now I can find my networks (sometimes :) but when my phone found it
> OsmoBTS crashes with the following message...:
> <0006> scheduler.c:1506 Set a5/0 uplink for SACCH/4(0) on trx=0 ts=0
> <0006> scheduler.c:1506 Set a5/0 downlink for SDCCH/4(0) on trx=0 ts=0
> <0006> scheduler.c:1506 Set a5/0 downlink for SACCH/4(0) on trx=0 ts=0
> <0000> rsl.c:558 (bts=0,trx=0,ts=0,ss=0) Tx CHAN ACT ACK
> <000b> trx_if.c:397 transceiver (phy0.0) rejected TRX command with
> response: 'RSP NOHANDOVER -1'
> <0001> bts.c:208 Shutting down BTS 0, Reason TRX-CTRL-MSG: CRITICAL
> <0006> scheduler.c:240 Exit scheduler for trx=0
> <0006> scheduler.c:216 Init scheduler for trx=0
> 2017-05-09 23:20 GMT+03:00 Anton Gorbachev <antgorka at>:
>> Hi Vadim!
>> Thank you for the comments. I will check your advices. Actually I already
>> watched everything on youtube and other resources☺ But it needs more time
>> to perceive all the info correctly...
>> 9 Май 2017 г. 20:44 пользователь "Vadim Yanitskiy" <axilirator at>
>> написал:
>> Hi,
>>> > I found that the manual from the main site is outdated.
>>> Yeah, still couldn't find some time to update the wiki.
>>> > If I understood it correct, I have to setup calypso bts
>>> > as bts of type nanoBTS, correct?
>>> Why do you think so? No, CalypsoBTS has nothing related
>>> toip.access nanoBTS. From the other side, we don't have
>>> a dedicated type for OsmoBTS, so you can use 'sysmoBTS'.
>>> > I can sync with commercial cell, I can run OsmoBSC and
>>> > OsmoBTS but I still cannot find my network from my personal
>>> > phone in searching mode.
>>> Please watch a great Sylvain's talk, where he explained
>>> almost everything you need to know:
>>> "Further hacks on the Calypso platform"
>>> In short: BTS should transmit a continuous beacon on C0 to be
>>> detected. Normal MS can't do that. CalypsoBTS was hacked to
>>> perform the following timeslot layout: Tt_R_ttt, where
>>> 'T' means TX on Downlink, 'R' means RX on Uplink, and 't' means
>>> channel filling - dummy bursts. Phone cannot RX and TX at the
>>> same time, so one phone serves only one TS. With two phones
>>> you have the following layout: TT_RRttt, so you have two
>>> timeslots served.
>>> This is why you will have some detection troubles even with
>>> working BSS setup :/
>>> > In logs of osmo-bts I can see:
>>> >
>>> > <0000> rsl.c:246 Tx RSL RF RESource INDication
>>> > <000b> trx_if.c:397 transceiver (phy0.0) rejected TRX command with
>>> > response: 'RSP SETTSC -1'
>>> > <0000> rsl.c:2353 (bts=0,trx=0,ts=0,ss=0) Rx RSL BCCH_INFO
>>> Just delete the 'settsc' line from your config, because CalypsoBTS
>>> transceiver only supports 'setbsic'.
>>> Have a fun!
>>> With best regards,
>>> Vadim Yanitskiy.
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