CalypsoBTS + GPRS and SDR suggestion

Harald Welte laforge at
Mon May 8 08:17:41 UTC 2017

Hi inode,

this list is about osmocom-bb, and not about the osmocom projects about
networks-side gsm.  OsmoTRX, OsmoBTS & Co are discussed on the
openbsc at mailing list. Please consider asking your
questions there.

On Mon, May 08, 2017 at 06:58:01AM +0200, inode wrote:

> but from my understanding it support only GSM calls
> and SMS and GPRS is not implemented into the transceiver. I'm wrong or this
> part has not been implemented yet?

I have never used the "calypsobts" hack.  But osmo-trx + osmo-bts-trx
have support of voice, SMS and GRPS services.

As SMS is using the same signaling channels, this should definitely work
even with the CalypsoBTS.  For GPRS, you'd need to support the GPRS
related coding schemes and an interface to OsmoPCU. Also, given that
CalypsoBTS can only provide single (or two?) timeslot, there are a long
list of reasons why it would not work straight-forward.  But technically
also possible to make work.

> If needed to use a GPRS BTS can you suggest the best cheap SDR to use with
> OsmoBTS? (I saw BladeRF and LimeSDR but I was unable to understand if they
> are full supported via OsmoBTS)

Please raise this (and continue any related discussion) on the other
mailing list.

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