to qcom hexagon porting

Craig Comstock craig_comstock at
Mon May 8 03:53:33 UTC 2017

> what are problem should i expect 
> while porting to qcom hexagon
> is it a bad idea

There would be a lot of questions and things to research. I am not familiar with qcom hexagon SDK. I am a little familiar with osmocom-bb source code and 2G GSM details. I am currently in the very beginning stages
of porting osmocom-bb to the MediaTek 6260/6261 chip which supports 2G. I also have ideas to try and work through 3G on a MediaTek 6735 (ZTE Obsidian phone).

Recently there have been mentions of re-writing the PHY layer of osmocom-bb for an SDR platform like LimeSDR.

So at the current time I assume that osmocom-bb communicates with the DSP chip on the motorola phones
in a way that abstracts the PHY layer details away and relies on the proprietary Texas Instruments firmware in the DSP as-is.

So I would imagine you might have to implement the PHY layer and also the interface to the PHY layer.

There was a discussion about this recently on IRC #osmocom.

It seems the thought was that qcom had released enough with their Hexagon SDK to allow development of a PHY layer + whatever else.

Some links of interest. - SDK - LTE PHY for Ettus USRP - qcom flash image loader

I have a few qcom modems that I'd be happy to do experiment on if that helps.


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