Osmocombb with USRP

Mychaela Falconia mychaela.falconia at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 17:15:21 UTC 2017

On 6/9/17, thayyil09 yil <thayyil at yandex.com> wrote regarding Mot C1xx
phone availability:
> i did the search for more than a year
> none of them export to INDIA.
>     i found 8$ like offers but only available in usa
> america like places are heaven for us..

If you like, I would be glad to resell you some of the ebay-sourced
C139 units in my stash (I have about 50 of them IIRC), and I won't
have any problem with shipping to India or anywhere else in the world,
but these C139 phones probably won't do you any good as they are all
850+1900 MHz units, whereas you probably need 900+1800 MHz in India.

As I already mentioned, I do have a Calypso modem board of my own
design and make (FreeCalypso FCDEV3B), primarily intended for running
my own FreeCalypso firmware but also capable of running OsmocomBB just
fine (certainly no worse than Mot C1xx phones), and it has a
900/1800/1900 MHz triband radio front-end.  I am not yet at the point
where I can sell these boards, but I am hoping to get there in another
few months: I need to make another batch of boards first, and before I
order the assembly of that next batch, I need to resolve all of the
little issues found on the first batch.

But these newly made FreeCalypso GSM MS development boards certainly
won't be cheap; I have not yet figured out what the retail price will
be, but I estimate somewhere around $500 USD.


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